My nutrition evolution over the past year…

I was just reflecting back on how my nutrition has changed over the past year in an email to one of my good friends who was light-years ahead of my on this aspect of physical development.

In the past year I’ve gone from junk-food carnivore, to no meat-only fish and eggs + vegetarian fare, to predominantly raw vegan foods (60-80%) and the rest cooked vegetarian plus a little fish, yogurt and eggs – consequently my body fat has dropped tremendously, my energy has increased and I feel about 1000% better. I typically don’t keep a nutrition log-just a training log-but it was interesting to see a comparison between my normal daily nutrition today vs. one year ago!
Here’s the copy and paste of the email I sent my friend:

Ok, one year ago this time:

-coffee w/ cream, almond milk & raw sugar
-blender drink: raw oats, whey protein, regular cows milk or almond milk, honey

mid morning
-protein bar or greek yogurt and fruit

-deli sammich (like jersey mikes) either turkey w/ veggies or meatball- and sometimes YUK 1/4 w/ cheese at MCD’s w/ fries and diet soda

mid afternoon
-coffee at SBUX w/ cream and raw sugar and whatever chocolate treat appealed – usually dark chocolate grahams

-pizza,or MCD’s, or if Lisa cooked usually a healthy’ish pizza made with veggies, org cheese, pepperoni from whole foods, or sometimes we’d go out and have sushi, or steak, and usually a beer or two to drink or diet soda

post training
-32oz of organic chocolate milk

-usually cereal and milk or almond milk

total h2o intake probably 1/2 – 3/4 gallon

BW fluctating between 210-225 lbs


1st thing after waking:
-32oz of clean water with a whole juiced lime and raw apple cider vinegar, 2g blue green algae
-shot of wheat grass juice I juiced
-fresh organic carrot apple juice I juiced
-32oz of clean water

breakfast (pre-workout)
-3 figs
-1 apple
-1 orange
-goji berries
-puh ehr tea

(post training)
-blended drink of: almond milk, honey, mixed berries, banana, rice protein powder

-walnuts and coconut water (straight from a young thai coconut I extracted myself)
-32oz glass of clean water

late afternoon (“dinner”)
-blended drink: kale, rainbow chard, collard greens, dandelion greens, parsley, bok choy, 1-scoop of vitamineral green superfood powder, 2 apples, 1 carrot
-homemade vegetarian chilli: tomatos, 3 colors of peppers, 3 types of org beans (black, pinto, kidney), seitan (in place of ground beef), tomato paste, garlic cloves, chilli powder, sea salt
-sprinkled a bit of shredded organic cheese and had two small slices of sprouted grain bread

pre-taiji class
-icelandic skyr yogurt, walnuts, puh ehr tea

post-taiji class and a bit of a cheat
-1/2 an apple lisa didn’t finish, a few chunks of homemade raw chocolate, and a small serving of whole foods brand frosted mini wheats I still had in the pantry with almond milk

total fresh water: 3x 32oz. mugs + about 3-4 16oz bottles from gym

other supps: 2g vitamin C, 2 caps of D3, digestive enzymes, magnesium, bee pollen / propolis, fish oil caps, probiotics

BW – fluctuates 180-185 lbs

Dude about 20 servings of fresh / raw fruits and veges and NO meat?!?! Who the hell have I become?!?!?!

That’s it-what a change over the past year. I can honestly say I’ve never felt better. I still have some cheat meals here and there-a little too much chocolate, coffee, beer, lobster mac n’ cheese (when at the House of Blues in Vegas), etc. but that stuff is a lot less than in the past and as time goes by I can see shifting closer to a 100% raw vegan nutrition plan, in the meantime I’m quite happy with dropping 30-35 lbs, having a ton more energy and just feeling better overall.
Now-let the onslaught of hate mail from my carnivorous friends begin!
Stay Strong AND Healthy!

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